PacerPro Expands with Litigant Profiling

Continuing its innovative approach to docket research and retrieval, PacerPro has announced the release of its exciting new litigant profiling functionality. Attorneys and researchers seeking to look beyond just the dockets to the bigger picture of a litigation are sure to be pleased. The platform’s already intuitive and simple approach to docket research becomes even more robust and integral with this new capability.

We have already written about why we like PacerPro so much. The platform was recently featured as an enticing disruptor in the recent Lawmageddon presentation that I was honored to offer in collaboration with Dewey B. Strategic‘s Jean O’Grady. With litigant profiling, PacerPro continues to impress me.  With a few simple clicks, researchers can quickly and almost effortlessly generate a nationwide look at any party’s litigation profile.  Since PacerPro is powered by real-time access to PACER itself,  your “bigger picture” is going to be as complete as possible.  Of course, we have already talked about the excellent price point of the product.  So let’s jump right in and look at the new functionality.

Litigant profiles are easy to generate with PacerPro’s powerfully intuitive interface.  Users just need to start with the Pacer Case Locator tab on the main search screen.  Simply enter your litigant name and other parameters, such as date range, and click search.  In a matter of seconds, you will have an overview of your results and an array of filters at your disposal to further limit them.  Sort your results, filter them, even access the previews at the click of a button.

PacerPro LitProf 1
Pacer Case Locator Tab on Main Search Screen
PacerPro LitProf 1.5
Results!  On the left, filters. On the right, case summaries.

Once you have narrowed your list of results to the ones that best fit your needs, the real fun begins.  You can, of course, jump right into the dockets themselves. But, for that bigger picture of your litigant’s activities, you can click the Download Report link.  This will generate a spreadsheet like the one pictured below.  Check it out! Courts, judges, natures of suits, and activity dates are all included, as are links to the dockets themselves.  This is hot functionality, folks.  Think of the time you just saved on having to compile that list yourselves!

PacerPro LitProf 2
Downloaded report in Excel.

We talked to PacerPro founder and CEO Gavin McGrane about his company’s latest innovation.  He was understandably excited to share with us the impetus for the new functionality.  “This is a tremendous opportunity to understand things by the bigger picture.”, he said.  According to McGrane, the team at PacerPro wanted to build “something that captures your understanding of what is there . . . creating a shareable work product result.”

Some other cool things worth noting include:

  • Dummy results are automatically eliminated:  PacerPro identifies cases in which the same litigant appears in multiple roles and returns that case just once.
  • PacerPro is inexpensive: Beyond the subscription fee, PacerPro does not markup existing PACER costs. A case profile for a litigant with over 2500 cases will only cost around $5 – just as it would on PACER.
  • Check it out for FREE:  Currently anyone can access this functionality for free (PACER charges will apply, however).



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