Spotting fake news and validating information

In February, I will have the honor of presenting an overview of a white paper on which my team at LibSource has been working.  We have been reviewing various content aggregation platforms and discussing their value within the legal research industry.  Fortuitously, this is happening at the same time that the juggernaut, now dubbed “fake news”, turned the world of social media on its head.  As both a response to the controversy  and a preview of our upcoming webinar, LibSource has published an article looking at the role of the librarian in combating the problem.

It’s clear that information illiteracy has become a problem. Many people are either unwilling or unable to discern what’s true and reliable in the content they view daily on the internet. That includes the so-called digital natives—millennials and young people coming up behind them who grew up with technology in the palm of their hands.

To read the full posting and for more information on February’s webinar, click here.

Research & Intelligence Innovator | Information Evangelist | Librarian

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