Legal researchers on LexisNexis – Ravel Law merger

LexisNexis has acquired Ravel Law and I’ve been seeing it discussed from every angle in both the general business press as well as my favorite sources for library and legal news. Ravel Law’s data algorithms, predictive analytics and data visualization for case law supported by Lexis’ financial resources and market clout could make for a powerful combination.

Predictive analytics has been a hot behind-the-scenes topic for quite some time now. Sadly, it has been overshadowed to a large degree in the popular press by the more controversial and “sexy” topic of artificial intelligence. Perhaps this merger will finally bring the topic to the forefront.

Many of us have been watching Ravel grow with great interest and excitement. We have also watched two things with a degree of concern:

  1. The legal industry’s somewhat nascent regard for predictive analytics
  2. Ravel’s apparent struggles in gaining traction within law firms

This merger could very well tackle both issues at once. Lexis has the power and reach to bring Ravel into firms of all sizes and the marketing machine to make predictive analytics a “household” term in the legal field. Here’s hoping!

I asked the LibSource virtual research team for their take on this recent LexisNexis acquisition. As daily users of these systems and others to service our clients in law and business, they are the true experts!

You can read their comments and concerns here.

Research & Intelligence Innovator | Information Evangelist | Librarian

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