White Paper: PacerPro – Real Time Solution for Real World Problems

As we end the year, legal and tech blogs alike are buzzing with talk of innovation, disruption, and change. Over the last 11 months, we have seen a great deal of evolution in our industry. From the tools we use to the way we approach our jobs, the focus has undoubtedly been on greater efficiency for us and even greater value-for-money to our clients.

The hot news cycle currently is looking both backward at 2017 in review and with great anticipation to what 2018 portends to offer. My own feeling is that the new year is only going to magnify what we saw in this one. The number of big players in the legal technology market has grown as has the velocity with which newer entrants are bringing their ideas to the market. The competition is clearly on. But what will distinguish the so-called winners from the rest of the contenders? I believe efficiency is again going to be the key.

I had the pleasure of working with the folks at PacerPro this year to explore the power and direction of their SaaS model for managing and monitoring federal litigation. To merely  say that efficiency is the core on which their flagship product is constructed would do it a slight disservice.  There is much more to the platform and its potential than that. What resulted from my investigation is a white paper that details what PacerPro brings to the table and what it can do for law firms of all sizes.

I invite you to check out that white paper here and to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Research & Intelligence Innovator | Information Evangelist | Librarian

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