Breaking News: Documents Delivered Stops Delivering

Devotees of the fast, affordable, and efficient service of Documents Delivered were surprised today by a jarring message on the platform’s front page.  It appears that the company has shuttered its business without warning.  Customers are now greeted by the news that company has not only closed up shop, but also disposed of all confidential information.  All that remains is an e-mail address for anyone having accounting or billing concerns.

What gives?  And what has happened to the great team that kept so many patrons so happy over the years?  If you have any insights, please post them below.  This is a sad day indeed!

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One thought on “Breaking News: Documents Delivered Stops Delivering

  1. I have my own idea and a possible solution for their clients to get the documents back. It doesn’t change how unethical this company was. I’ve been in the litigation support field for years, with the ability to store documents so easily now versus a few years ago it’s such a shame.
    I truly believe I have ways to help them not only retrieve their documents , recommend reputable vendors, and legal services if they are interested in pursuing action.
    Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn Wendy Deluca (,, or text 405.301.5678 I do not charge for my services.
    Please mention that you are contacting me concerning documents delivered matter. I truly am sorry for all those affected by this situation.


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