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The Conference Circuit Keeps You Current!

Few things keep us info pros as current and connected as our beloved conferences. From tradeshows to colloquia, there seems to be something interesting going on every couple of weeks. Staying on top of it all can be more wearisome than the work week itself. Thanks to Don Hawkins and his blog The Conference Circuit, we can now keep current without having to leave our desks.

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Netvibes + iBraryGuy = LibraryVibes, News for the Info World!

The iBraryGuy team knows how much our audience loves being on top of the latest developments in the world of libraries and information technology.  So we are always hard at work trying to find new and enjoyable ways of bringing the latest and greatest to you.  One of our side projects designed to help you keep your finger on the puls of our profession is a blog and news aggregator that we have lovingly dubbed “LibraryVibes“. Created on the powerful NetVibes platform, LibraryVibes brings you some of the best library, technology, and news feeds in a format that is as easy on the eyes as it is to navigate.  The tabbed interface lets you choose between library blogs, tech feeds, and news with a quick click of the mouse.  LibraryVibes currently features 27 popular blogs by and for librarians, 17 tech sources, and 12 newsfeeds.  That’s more than 50 top sources to keep you informed throughout the day! As with

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Microblogging… It seems like almost everyone is doing it these days!  Not without good reason, mind you.  The turnoff to so many in the early days of blogging was the complexity.  Blogging sites and blogging generally required a good bit of work and maintenance.  Then along came services like Tumblr and Posterous with their easy-to-use interfaces and no nonsense journaling.  The microblogs made blogging fast and easy and we among the first services to let you do it on the fly.  The iBraryGuy blog is currently hosted on the Posterous microblogging service which allows us to e-mail in our entries and then even posts them to other services for us.  Easy indeed!   Well just when it seemed that blogging could not get any easier, along comes the bare bones – and we mean BARE –  There has never been a more spartan blogging service.  Yet its simplicity is its appeal.  No pictures, no videos, no endless lists of

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iBraryGuy is a Shorty Awards Nominee! We need your help!

Hello iBraryGuy readers!  We are excited to announce that iBraryGuy has been nominated for a Shorty Award in the #tech category.  The Shorty Awards recognize individuals and organizations that use Twitter as a means to reach their audiences and contribute meaningful discussion.  If you enjoy our blog, PLEASE consider casting a vote for our way.   There are two ways to do it:   You can go here:   Or from Twitter, tweet the following:  #shortyawards @ibraryguy #tech because librarians know info best!   THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!

Great Blog Posting on New Westlaw: Jason Wilson

As much as we here at iBraryGuy pride ourselves on original content, sometimes we come across postings written by others that are just too good to not share.  So it is with this exceptional teaser on the forthcoming changes to Westlaw.  For you law librarians and legal researchers, Jason Wilson’s blog is an excellent source of news and information.  Check out his musings on Westlaw’s “Project Cobalt“.  Exciting! Great work, Jason!

Our Library & Info Blogs are Expanding! You can help!!!

As the year draws to a close, we’re working hard on our library & info-pro blog lists. Our goal is to gather up the the best and bring them to you in ways that are easy to access and available on the go. Let us know what you think and whether we are missing any! Thank you all for reading along with iBraryGuy and making 2009 such a great year for us! Our blog collections: Librarians.Collected by iBraryGuy iBraryGuy’s LibraryVibes on NetVibes