Google’s Recipe View a Delicious Idea!

As a foodie and home chef, I am almost ashamed to say that I have stopped buying cookbooks.  I used to love and treasure them.  But with so many recipes available online these days, it almost seems a waste to spend the money.  Of course, some are indispensable and I have my favorites with which I will never part (I may have my vegan slow cooker book cremated with me when I go!).  But for the most part, I can find almost any recipe I want these days on the internet.  Thanks to Google’s new Recipe View, recipe searches just got even easier!  Mon Deiu, what would Madame Child say? Using the new Recipe View is easy-peasy and the functionality works like butter.  [Yes, we are having a good time with this one!]  Simply run a Google search for a recipe name or ingredients.  When you get your list of results, simply go to the left-hand side of the screen

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Need to find a book? CoverCake takes the cake!

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember the name of a book you have seen on a TV show or maybe heard about on a radio program?  You can rack you brain trying to recall it.  Sometimes a web search can help.  But more often than not, it is enough to drive a person mad.  Well, hold onto your sanity and let CoverCake do the remembering for you! CoverCake is a truly sweet idea – a comprehensive, online database of books mentioned in the popular media.  Whether the title was featured on television, the radio, or a popular blog,  chances are good you will find it here.  Not only can you find books, but you can buy them too!  It is sooo easy to use.  Simply choose your favorite TV show, radio program or blog from the tabs on the main CoverCake page.  Once you do that, you are given the list of featured books.   If you see a book

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Etipedia: Get Your Manners On!

Is it a faux pas to bring your own dessert to Aunt Pearl’s Thanksgiving feast?  What about calling in advance to let her know that your new love interest is coming to dinner and is a vegetarian?  After all, nothing is worse that having to break bread with an unhappy host – especially when it was something you did that made them a Scrooge.  Luckily, you have an online ally to help make the season bright.  The Etipedia is “etiquette’s home on the web!” Thanks to the Emily Post Institute, we no longer have to just wonder what that grand dame of good manners would do in a situation.  We can go to the Etipedia and actually look it up!  According to the website, The Etipedia® is our encyclopedia of etiquette, housing content from all of our published Emily Post Institute materials: books, surveys, videos, podcasts, magazine columns and online articles. And just who or what is the Emily Post Institute?  Founded in

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Friday Fun: Think you have it bad? Check out Please Fire Me!

With so many uproars and bombshells this week (re: ABA Journal, Thomson Reuters news, etc.), the iBraryGuy team decided that our friends and colleagues could use a little levity today.  The collective librarian blood pressure is too high.  So we are bringing it down a few notches.  Consider it a smile from us to you to get your weekend underway! So you think you have it bad?  We all do once in a while.  The true challenge is to not let a bad moment ruin a whole day or even a bad day ruin a whole week.  Life is too short and too full of good things to dwell on those crumby times in which we wished things were better.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder that when things are bad for us, they are probably worse somewhere else for someone else.  A little bit of laughter can go a long way.  The next time your boss or

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The Extraordinaries: A little help goes a long way!

Volunteering for a cause is not always as easy as it seems.  Between our over-packed schedules and underfunded incomes, giving of your time and money to charity can be a daunting task.  The fact that we are busy or that our budgets are tight, however, does not alleviate need.  With a little innovation and big idea, The Extraordinaries is here to save the day! Have you ever heard of “micro-volunteering”?  The old adage is that every little bit helps.  Micro-volunteering is all about giving that very little bit of your time and talents to help someone out.  The Extraordinariesis a site designed to make giving that little bit even easier.  It is an online micro-volunteering network where people use their professional skills to solve nonprofits’ challenges in 10 minutes, or less. The opportunities listed are short, simple, and fun.  Best of all, you can volunteer wherever and whenever you have the time.   It doesn’t get much easier! Here is how it

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LiveMocha makes learning a language fun!

When looking to learn a new language, the choices for how to go about doing so seem endless.  From immersion classes to software to books, the language education business is big and booming.  If you want something simple, effective, and online, why not give LiveMocha a try? LiveMocha is a web-based system that puts a neat spin on learning a language.  When you join, you are connected with native speakers around the world.  It is not just about being taught or teaching a new language.  No.  LiveMocha builds a community of speakers and learners who support each other in practicing new language skills.  And in joining LiveMocha, you actually DO get the chance to learn AND teach.  You are encouraged to give back to the community. LiveMocha’s combination of online learning and community participation has won it numerous accolades, including being named one of Time Magazine’s Top 50 sites.  Currently, over 25 languages are offered and over 6 million people

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SAVE THE WORDS! Why be sevidical? Add a little flosculation to your speech!

Don’t look now… But sometime very soon, a word that probably never knew nor loved is about to become extinct.  Every year, hundreds of words fade forever from English parlance.  Friends, you have been asked to save the whales and save the planet.  Today, the iBraryGuy team is joining with the awesome folks at Oxford Press to ask you to SAVE THE WORDS! Save the Words is both an interesting initiative and really cool site from the folks that bring us the venerable Oxford Dictionary line up.  Fun and informative, it challenges users to adopt an endangered word and make it part of their usage.  The idea is to keep that word from disappearing forever.  How serious is the extinction of words, you may wonder.  Well according to Oxford Press, only 7,000 words now account for over 90% of what we communicate on a daily basis!  What is happening to the rest of the millions of words in the English

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BookMooch makes book sharing fun! #librarians #libraries #books

If you love books as much as we here at iBraryGuy do, then you know just how hard it is to part with ones that you have read.  Throwing away a book is NEVER an option for us.  If you are like us, then you probably would rather see your used books end up in the hand of people who will enjoy them as much as you did.  With BookMooch, you can trade books with other avid readers in a fun online community. BookMooch is not like other book sharing sites.  Whereas many others work on the honor system, this one runs on an actual points system.  You earn points by entering books into the database and offering them as giveaways.  You earn even more points by actually sending them out.  The points you earn can then be “spent” to acquire books from other Moochers.  You have to give books to get them.  In fact, BookMooch’s rules require that you

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Nothing on the tube? Try Blip.TV!

These days it seems like whether you subscribe to cable or satellite, even if you are still using rabbit ear antennae, there is never anything good on television.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of stations from which to choose and yet most of us still end up channel surfing.  Many times this is because TV programming runs on its own schedule and not ours.  DVRs and other recorders can help, but you still have to know when your programs are on to record them and then remember to set the recording.  Well, why channel surf in hopes of finding a show, when you can web surf to find exactly the shows you want?  Blip.TV is a web site chock full of original programming that is available when YOU want it. Blip.TV is NOT network television.  Nope, it is better!  This is independent creativity at its finest.  From sitcoms produced by college comedy troupes to cooking shows filmed right in the host’s kitchen, Blip.TV

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Friday Fun: Make Word Art with Wordle

To round out the week, we thought we would recommend a little fun.  Today’s site actually came to our attention thanks to the fine folks at #Fastcase and their exellent blog.  They recently featured some cool word art that they made by feeding the text of seminal Supreme Court cases into an online app called Wordle. Wordle is a sweet, java-powered application.  You can cut and past some text into it, direct it to a web page that has an RSS or Atom feed, or give simply enter a username.  Wordle will then analyze the text and tags to create a word cloud.  But what’s so artistic about a word cloud, you may ask.  Well, Wordle actually lets you control colors, layouts, fonts, languages, and even which words to include.  The results can be quite stunning! Wordle is free to use and you can even use the Wordles you create for your own commercial or personal purposes (t-shirts and

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