Loco for Location-Based Services? Take Our Poll!

Location-based services are certainly getting a great deal of buzz these days.  From the race to become a “mayor” or “supermayor” on Foursquare to cracking the top-ten visitors to a place on Gowalla, people are REALLY getting into these services.  Is it a sign that the world is getting smaller yet again or just passing fad?  We want your input. Location-based services / apps are designed to essentially do two things.  First and foremost, they track your whereabouts.  All of the services that we tested required you to “check in” and log your location.  Secondly, they take that information and, well, socialize it.  They let others know you are there, ask you to rate or review the place, let you know where your friends are, and attempt to make the whole thing fun.  Some let you chat or interact with others in the same location (on the system mind you . . . not neccessarily in person) and some evern

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