iBraryGuy unveils iPhone App for Librarians & Info-Pros!

Exciting News from iBraryGuy!!!   The iBraryGuy team is pleased to announce the release of iBraryGuy for iPhone!  Our new, FREE app is designed to bring the best of the library and info social web to your iPhone.  With the iBraryGuy App, you can access our content and that of some of the best library and information blogs in the internet from any place you have 3G or WiFi access.   The iBraryGuy App is simple, yet powerful.  The initial screen upon opening the app is a live feed of iBraryGuy content, streamed directly from our blog.  With a click of the InfoBlog button, the entire web of library and information blogs is opened.  The InfoBlog section provides a live feed from our Librarians.Collected collaboration at Collected.Info. Librarians.Collected features over 30 (and growing) of the best and most popular blogs by and for librarians and info-pros.  If you know of any blogs that we should add to the list or

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“Regret the Error” makes Mistakes Memorable!

Are you a newshound who is fiendish for fact checking?  You can admit it.  Most of us in the library and information professions are.  We unflinchingly warn our patrons to cast a critical eye towards such concerns as authority, accuracy, and authenticity (the "three As" of facuality).  Mistakes among our trusted resources are often sure to send shivers down many an info-pro's spine, as well as raise a hue and cry on our listservs and discussion boards. Yet, we are often hit with the reality that errors in reporting, especially in the media, are rampant today.  Regret the Error is a site dedicated to helping us stay abreast of the "misses" – you know: miscalculations, mistatetements, misrepresentations, etc.   Launched in 2004, Regret the Error reports on corrections, retractions, apologies, clarifications in the media.  It also covers trends regarding press accuracy and honesty.  The man behind the site is Craig Silverman, a freelance journalist with some excellent credentials.  In addition to serving

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Want to follow the most popular Twitter users? Don’t just search, Twiangulate them!

With so many people using Twitter these days, how do you find those who are really posting the best information?  Don’t you wish you could follow the most popular and prolific?  Or maybe you want to know which experts your experts are following?  Searching the Twitterverse for the best, brightest, and most followed tweeters is by no means a small task.  Well, thanks to a cool new service, you can stop searching blindly and TWIANGULATE them instead! Thanks to Twiangulate, finding valuable new Twitter streams to follow is as simple as entering the Twitter names of your favorite tweeters.  Yes, it really is that easy!  Twiangulate lets you enter the IDs of up to three Twitter users and then shows you which tweeters they are following in common.  It also gives you the basic stats on each of the users you entered: how many people they follow, how many follow them, etc.  You do not have to register with the

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iBraryGuy’s news offerings have you covered! Check them out!

Here at iBraryGuy, we are news hounds.  Our days begin and end with the latest headlines from across the library and information world.  We literally live on our newsfeeds!  As such, we know just how difficult it can be to sort through the crush of internet news services to find the truly “good” stuff.  Thus, we have been on a mission to make it easier for you – our fellow information professionals.  Regardles of where in the spectrum of this industry you fall, iBraryGuy’s customized news services have you covered.  Librarians, information professionals, publishers, knowledge managers, archivists, and so on . . . we have striven to bring you the best of news and blogs with the following offerings: Libraries, Information, and Knowledge Management News at Google News:  Using the pioneering news customization functions at Google, iBraryGuy’s editors sat down and customized a news section especially for librarians and information professionals.  This section is designed to search across Google’s wide

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