Thursday’s Musing: The Value of Perception, the Librarian and the Library Space

(photo (c) 2009 Dorli Photography, available here)   As collections are becoming more electronic, the value of the library space is becoming increasingly questioned. A trend among articles written by non-librarians is to link the edifice with the profession: the librarian works in a library, technology is making libraries obsolete, therefore librarians will also become obsolete (librarians are a dead end job according to this article from Yahoo Education, and librarians are a dying breed according to this article from Digital Book World). Even articles that attempt to exclaim the value of librarianship focus heavily on the library spaces, rather than the professionals in those spaces. For example, this recent CNN article kindly relates how libraries are thriving, but focuses almost completely on the edifices themselves: the architecture of the Seattle Public Library, 27 fascinating buildings, the library as a community space, and a photographer’s book of photos of public libraries are all given substantial ink (pixels?). Again, the perception is the

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A National Library Week Message

Happy National Library Week, America! The iBraryGuy team wanted to start the week off right by extending NLW greetings to all of our readers.  Whether you are even in the USA, any day is a GREAT day to celebrate libraries.  We are just fortunate in this country to have a whole week to sing their praises and to share the joys of what it means to be a librarian.  We are honored to be part of this noble and exciting profession and to be surrounded by so many amazing colleagues.  Librarians, this is your week!  We here at iBraryGuy are proud to stand among you! A National Library Week Primer: Observed:  Second full week of April annually. First Celebrated:  1958 Sponsor:  American Library Association 2010 Theme:  “Communities Thrive @ Your Library” 2010 Honorary Chair: Author, Neil Gaiman Promotonal Tips: HERE Did you also know: The entire month of April is School Library Month in America? Tuesday, April 13, is National

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