Open for Business! Google’s New eBookstore Delights & Disappoints

Google today opened the latest chapter in the great story on the battle of the eBook stores.  Established eBook retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are taking note, as Google’s salvo is no small warning shot.  With a massive library, multi-device support, and a series of interesting partnerships, the search giant has launched a full assault on the market.  The new Google eBookstore offers some hot new features, but also has some interesting drawbacks. First, the game changers . . . The new Google eBookstore has launched with an impressive catalog of over 3 million titles available for download.  Everyting from classics to modern best-sellers is housed in an easy to search and navigate site.  The interface is sleek and pleasing to the eye!  Purchases are stored on shareable “shelves” in Google’s cloud and are tied to your Google ID.  If you use the Google Web Reader from a PC, netbook, laptop or tablet to access your books, you

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With Pubit!, Barnes & Noble makes ePublishing a breeze and gives you a share of the profit$!

Hitting it big in the world of publishing has never been an easy nut to crack.  Authors not only need write great works to publish, but also navigate the hops and hills of the industry.   The advent of ePublishing has changed the game to a large degree.  Thanks to the eReader revolution, getting your works out to the reading audience has never been easier . . . Well, not until now at least.  First mentioned last May, Barnes & Noble’s new ePublishing system not only helps you get your masterpieces to market faster.  It helps you set your prices and share in the profits.  Meet Pubit! Barnes & Noble touts itself as the world’s number one bookseller.  Its Nook eReader, though not as popular as Amazon’s Kindle, has been a success.  Its eBookstore is flourishing.  There is a lot that is attractive about Barnes & Noble to writers looking to publish and profit from their own eBooks.   Earlier this spring,

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B&N’s Nook makes Nice: Our Review

CNN Money today ranked the Nook from Barnes & Noble tops in a match up against Amazon's Kindle and Sony's eReader.  Having tested a few of these ourselves, the iBraryGuy team chose the Nook for home use.  After a month and a half of use, we are ready to report on our own experiences with B&N's flagship eReader.  We agree with CNN, for the money, the Nook is hard to beat!   Usability:  Because the Nook is essentially "all screen", it may be a little intimidating at first . . . albeit, very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  However, learning to use it takes little time.  There is something to be said for the sleek interface that is devoid of excess plastic and awkward buttons.  The touch pad is easy to use, is fairly responsive to even a light touch, and adds a nice splash of color to the otherwise monochrome e-ink screen.  The unit itself is light to carry

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