Checking Up on Charities: Good Practices

With the unimaginable crisis in Haiti weighing so heavily on people's minds, folks are looking to donate money and other items in meaningful ways.  Many are wondering whether the charities that are making appeals for Haiti are legitmate and just what kind of work these groups do.  Others worry about how much of their donation actually makes it to those who are suffering versus covering administrative costs.  These are all valid questions and rational concerns.  Luckily, we can do our homework and learn a great deal about the charities that are out there.  Today, we share some excellent resources with you for getting the inside scoop on charities.  When you give, give from the heart and give wisely.   BBB Wise Giving Alliance:  This site is hosted by the Better Business Bureau.  It provides simple searching for information on charities, provides a consumer center where you can inquire or make a complaint about a charity, and provides access to BBB

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