Need to find a book? CoverCake takes the cake!

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember the name of a book you have seen on a TV show or maybe heard about on a radio program?  You can rack you brain trying to recall it.  Sometimes a web search can help.  But more often than not, it is enough to drive a person mad.  Well, hold onto your sanity and let CoverCake do the remembering for you! CoverCake is a truly sweet idea – a comprehensive, online database of books mentioned in the popular media.  Whether the title was featured on television, the radio, or a popular blog,  chances are good you will find it here.  Not only can you find books, but you can buy them too!  It is sooo easy to use.  Simply choose your favorite TV show, radio program or blog from the tabs on the main CoverCake page.  Once you do that, you are given the list of featured books.   If you see a book

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Buying textbooks? is the bomb!

With school back in session and the economy still in its rut, most students are sharing a similar concern.  How on earth are they going to be able to afford those pricey textbooks?  From living in closets to subsisting on ramen noodles, folks are desperate to lessen the pain of textbook buying.  Luckily, they have an ally in the fight.  Have you been to tags itself as “The Better Way to Buy Textbooks”.  They are certainly onto something hot and useful.  Using, students can buy, rent, and even sell textbooks without the painful markup  of college bookstores.  In fact, the site currenty estimates that its users are saving about 60% on their book purchases!  That adds up to a VERY healthy savings when you consider how many books the average student purchases in just one school year! Using can hardly be easier.  You simply go to the site and search for either the book title or your

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With Pubit!, Barnes & Noble makes ePublishing a breeze and gives you a share of the profit$!

Hitting it big in the world of publishing has never been an easy nut to crack.  Authors not only need write great works to publish, but also navigate the hops and hills of the industry.   The advent of ePublishing has changed the game to a large degree.  Thanks to the eReader revolution, getting your works out to the reading audience has never been easier . . . Well, not until now at least.  First mentioned last May, Barnes & Noble’s new ePublishing system not only helps you get your masterpieces to market faster.  It helps you set your prices and share in the profits.  Meet Pubit! Barnes & Noble touts itself as the world’s number one bookseller.  Its Nook eReader, though not as popular as Amazon’s Kindle, has been a success.  Its eBookstore is flourishing.  There is a lot that is attractive about Barnes & Noble to writers looking to publish and profit from their own eBooks.   Earlier this spring,

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Read Print rocks! Thousands of free online books!

Whomever it was that said the best things in life are free certainly had today’s featured site in mind.  Read Print, a simple, yet elegant site for reading enthusiasts, puts the best price ever on thousands of online books, poems, and stories.  Yes, the VERY BEST price.  Materials on Read Print are 100%, absolutely, positively, and undeniably FREE! Intrigued?  The iBraryGuy team was, so we checked it out.  Suffice it to say that we are impressed.  Read Print alreadys boasts an amazing library of over 8,000 books by more than 3,500 authors.  Fiction and non-fiction, plays and poetry, short stories and even essays, this online library has it all.  Neatly accessible through both clicks and search, Read Print’s library is well organized and simply laid out.  Their lists of top books and authors are very helpful, as are the links to search by title and author.  Read Print even has an online search for quotations from the authors and works in

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Need Back to School Books? Check Em Out on Chegg!

There are few certainties in life.  However, among the known definites are death, taxes, and the mark-up on text books.  Anyone going to school to these days knows just how expensive school books can be.  One almost needs to take out a separate loan to just buy texts.  Chegg is a hot new site that actually lets you “rent” the books you need for the semester at great rates.  In today’s economy, this is a true back-to-school boon! Chegg’s model is simple.  Go to their site, search for the textbooks you need, and then rent the ones that are available for just the semester.  Why rent, you ask?  Have you seen the prices of new textbooks these days?  With Chegg, a one semester rental costs a fraction – yes, A FRACTION – of the cost of buying that textbook new.  Most of the titles the iBraryGuy team tested came in at less than a third of the retail buying price.  That

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Vook adds vonderful new twist to reading!

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, our world has become increasingly and more rapidly interactive.  Today, laptops, smartphones, and now e-readers and tablet computers are turning everyday activities into multi-sensory experiences.  Books, movies, music . . . it is all online and in the palms of our hands.  The new frontier seems to be a landscape in which all of these media types are combined into a single, self-immersing package.  Pioneering that future are the folks at Vook. What is a “Vook“, you ask?  Well, imagine combining video and book into one pretty, portable package.  Heck, don’t imagine it . . . visit their site and give it a try!  Vooks are a wild, new innovation that takes the text of a well-written book and blends it with high-quality video and the power of the Internet into a single, complete story.   The videos actually enhance what you are reading and you do not have to switch platforms to watch them as you read.  There

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BookMooch makes book sharing fun! #librarians #libraries #books

If you love books as much as we here at iBraryGuy do, then you know just how hard it is to part with ones that you have read.  Throwing away a book is NEVER an option for us.  If you are like us, then you probably would rather see your used books end up in the hand of people who will enjoy them as much as you did.  With BookMooch, you can trade books with other avid readers in a fun online community. BookMooch is not like other book sharing sites.  Whereas many others work on the honor system, this one runs on an actual points system.  You earn points by entering books into the database and offering them as giveaways.  You earn even more points by actually sending them out.  The points you earn can then be “spent” to acquire books from other Moochers.  You have to give books to get them.  In fact, BookMooch’s rules require that you

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BookCrossing: The World’s Largest FREE Book Club!

BookCrossing aims to be the world’s largest free book club. With a membership of almost 800,000 people in over 130 countries, if it already has not met that goal, it has got to be pretty darned close! BookCrossing’s idea of sharing the printed wealth is both novel and fun. If you love your books (but you are done reading them), set them free! We all have books we’d like to just give away. We often have a list of books we’d also like to read and find on the cheap. The folks behind BookCrossing want to help us do both … for FREE. Register for a free membership and the world of BookCrossing becomes your literary oyster. Register the books you want to give away and then just leave them somewhere. Use the site to tell folks where you left them. Book seekers will find your books (which you mark with a BookCrossing statement), go back to the site, and register them

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Too busy to read? DailyLit does it in doses!

With tight schedules, commutes, and family and social obligations, it is little wonder that time is such a premium these days.  It’s a wonder that they don’t teach time management in kindergarten!  For many of us, having some spare time to read is more of a luxury than the norm!  Given that so many of us are librarians, that is sad and almost ironic.  Enter DailyLit and a unique solution to the time crunch! Thanks to the people at DailyLit, it may be tough to ever again claim that you have no time to read.  Their site’s concept is simple, novel, and may even be revolutionary.  With DailyLit, you can have a book delivered to you in bite-sized (or shall I say “byte-sized) installments via either e-mail or RSS.  You even have control over the number of installments into which the book is broken down and when the snippets are sent to you.  It is easy AND convenient! Currently, DailyLit makes hundreds of

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