My Library app puts your catalogue in your pocket!

Looking for an easy, convenient way to take your personal catalogue on the road with you?  Look no further than My Library by Josh Pressnell.  This powerful and handy app for the iPhone lets you catalogue your home collection and then carry it in your pocket. We do not often review smartphone apps here on iBraryGuy, as we know our readers use a plethora of different models and that any discussion as to which one might be better leads to some serious controversy.  Every once in a while though, a smartphone app comes along that is just too cool to ignore.  So we don’t.  My Library is definitely an app worth courting a wee bit of controversy for.  Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way to catalogue your home library and then have that information at your fingertips when and where you want it?  My Library does all of this and more.  Creating a personal catalogue is as

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