Facebook & Scribd: Share your feeds and your reads!

An interesting post on Facebook‘s official blog this morning touted  “A New Chapter in Reading with Friends“.  Being librarians and avid readers, our interest was immediately piqued.  The news that followed, was interesting to say the least.  The Facebook has expanded its instant personalization offerings in a new partnership with Scribd.  And so, the world’s largest social network meets the world’s largest social publisher.  For readers and publishers, this could be a marriage made in heaven. Before we talk about Scribd, which the iBraryGuy team loves, let’s talk about what is happening with Facebook.  Starting today, if you visit Scribd while logged into Facebook, you will get personalized reading recommendations based on what your friends are sharing and your own Facebook likes.   Should you come across something that grabs you, you will be able to click the Like button and share it with your friends. This interaction between Facebook and Scribd is designed to personalize your reading experience.  Pretty cool! But some of

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Take a swing. This Pinyadda is FULL of Goodies!

Do you love reading the news online but are sick of the crazy and often irrelevant commentary that so often follows it today?  Anyone who is wondering what is wrong with the world today just has to look at the lack of civility when it comes to how people comment on news sites.  There is more of the angry, the misinformed, and the off-base than there is of comments from people who care enough about the news to have an open and civil discussion.  Well, don’t give up on the online news yet.  Just change how to get it and share it.  Take a swing at Pinyadda and unlock the delights it has in store for true news hounds! Pinyadda is not your run of the mill news aggregator.  No sir!  This fantastic site let’s you have your news and share it too.  When we say “share it”, we mean thoughtfully, respectfully, and openly with a community of news readers

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Facebook, Placebook! Social networking giant enters location wars.

In a much anticipated announcement yesterday,  social networking powerhouse Facebook fired another shot hear around the world.  Make that the online world of “checking in”.  With the unveiling of Facebook Places, the company enters the hot and volatile war for geo-location supremecy. Facebook Places is designed to let users include their location in their status updates, using the GPS on the user’s smartphone.  Whether you are going to work, the movies, or lounging at home, you can let your Facebook friends know where you are.  Apps like FourSquare (the current king), Gowalla, and Brightkite already do the same and are wildly popular.  What makes Facebook Places such a threat to the market however is the sites already eye-popping number of users.  Facebook comes out of the starting gate playing to an almost captive audience of a half-billion users! Facebook Places also has some tempting features for those who like geo-location.  First and foremost is that your location is added directly

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Facebook Changes Put More “Social” in Social Web!

During its third annual f8 Conference for developers and entrepreneurs, Facebook announced a new platform full of features designed to up the ante in the race to dominate the social web.  As if the social web itself could get any more “social”, the folks at Facebook are revamping their own offerings and partnering with other sites on methods of personalization designed to put the user at “the center of the web”.  They call these new tools “social plugins” and they promise to transform the way we interact on the web. A few of these new “social plugins” are ready to roll in the days ahead and are featured on the official Facebook blog.  It is beyond apropos that the developers should call them “social” as they require Facebook itself interact with other sites on the web.  Currently,  only three sites have been chosen to pilot the new platform (Yelp, Microsoft Docs, and Pandora), but over 70 others have signed on

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