Searching Social Media | Part 2: Twitter

This series focuses on methods of improving the relevancy of your results of social media searches, while not being logged into the services themselves. Again, social media searching is clearly trending upward in the law librarianship profession, as attorneys are increasingly making these requests while conducting informal discovery. In Part 1 of “Searching Social Media” we examined how to use Google’s advanced search features to retrieve relevant Facebook results. In Part 2, we will examine methods of conducting higher-relevance Twitter searches.

Gmail Turns 10

As a fan and admitted abuser of Gmail accounts (I have one for each personality I guess), I have to pass along this CNN Money article about Gmail turning 10 yesterday. To summarize, CNN Money points to these particular Gmail features as the reasons why Gmail became the industry dominant e-mail provider: Size of space offered: ever-growing but initially 1 GB back in 2004, compared to Yahoo’s 100 MB) Google-search-enabled searching of archived emails Auto-save for unfinished email Undo send, allowing users 30 seconds to retract sent emails Priority sorting of important emails Integration into Google services

iGoogle is Going Bye-Bye & We’re Bummed!

How is it that we only today noticed the little alert on our beloved iGoogle page saying that the service was going away?  It was shock.  Then horror.  Then sadness.  With all of the flops Google has released in recent memory (Wave, Buzz, Plus . . . ), the personalized homepage feature that is iGoogle was by far one of our favorites.  It was so nice to go to one place to get an overview of our e-mail, calendar, news feeds, and a whole host of fun and informative widgets (Confucius Quotes anyone?).  NOW WHAT WILL WE DO? If you are an iGoogle user, you have until next November (yes, 2013) to wean yourself off of it.  The mobile version will be gone sooner.  You can read the announcement here. We haven’t felt this vulnerable since our AOL homepages were taken away.  There is no joy in iBraryGuyville tonight.

Google’s Recipe View a Delicious Idea!

As a foodie and home chef, I am almost ashamed to say that I have stopped buying cookbooks.  I used to love and treasure them.  But with so many recipes available online these days, it almost seems a waste to spend the money.  Of course, some are indispensable and I have my favorites with which I will never part (I may have my vegan slow cooker book cremated with me when I go!).  But for the most part, I can find almost any recipe I want these days on the internet.  Thanks to Google’s new Recipe View, recipe searches just got even easier!  Mon Deiu, what would Madame Child say? Using the new Recipe View is easy-peasy and the functionality works like butter.  [Yes, we are having a good time with this one!]  Simply run a Google search for a recipe name or ingredients.  When you get your list of results, simply go to the left-hand side of the screen

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Social Climber: Google Revamps Its Search

The social relevance of search results took on new importance today as Google announced a fresg revamp of its social search features.  To quote the company’s Project Management Director Mike Cassidy on Google’s blog, “[R]elevance isn’t just about pages—it’s also about relationships.”  Google is leveraging those relationships by bringing an even greater social emphasis to its search results. Google rolled out its social search functionality back in 2009.  Since then, there have been some small changes here and there.  Today’s announced overhaul, however, is a major step in a bold direction.  Starting today, users will get more information from the people that matter to them, whether that info is being published onYouTube, Flickr or even their own blogs and sites.  How will this manifest in the search results?  Well, social search results will now be mixed right into the results list based on their relevance.  Annotations will tell you which of your friends posted the information and where.  Previously, social search results

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Open for Business! Google’s New eBookstore Delights & Disappoints

Google today opened the latest chapter in the great story on the battle of the eBook stores.  Established eBook retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are taking note, as Google’s salvo is no small warning shot.  With a massive library, multi-device support, and a series of interesting partnerships, the search giant has launched a full assault on the market.  The new Google eBookstore offers some hot new features, but also has some interesting drawbacks. First, the game changers . . . The new Google eBookstore has launched with an impressive catalog of over 3 million titles available for download.  Everyting from classics to modern best-sellers is housed in an easy to search and navigate site.  The interface is sleek and pleasing to the eye!  Purchases are stored on shareable “shelves” in Google’s cloud and are tied to your Google ID.  If you use the Google Web Reader from a PC, netbook, laptop or tablet to access your books, you

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