Friday Fun: Think you have it bad? Check out Please Fire Me!

With so many uproars and bombshells this week (re: ABA Journal, Thomson Reuters news, etc.), the iBraryGuy team decided that our friends and colleagues could use a little levity today.  The collective librarian blood pressure is too high.  So we are bringing it down a few notches.  Consider it a smile from us to you to get your weekend underway! So you think you have it bad?  We all do once in a while.  The true challenge is to not let a bad moment ruin a whole day or even a bad day ruin a whole week.  Life is too short and too full of good things to dwell on those crumby times in which we wished things were better.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder that when things are bad for us, they are probably worse somewhere else for someone else.  A little bit of laughter can go a long way.  The next time your boss or

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Simply Hired revolutionizes the job hunt . . . simply!

In times likes these, job security is on everyone’s minds.  Unfortunately, for many, so is the job search.  The unemployment figures are staggering and competition for job vacancies is stiff.  Simply Hired is a beacon of hope in these difficult days.  Its simple, yet feature-rich suite of tools just might make finding that dream job a whole lot easier and more manageable! The creators of Simply Hired had a single goal in mind – creating a single site where job seekers could easily search all jobs available on the web.  What resulted is no small feat to say the least!  Simply Hired aggregates job listings from thousands of websites including the leading job boards, company career sites, newspaper classifieds, non-profit sites, government sites, and more.  It’s an amazing one-stop-shop for job hunters! Do not be fooled, however.  Simply Hired is more than just a job search.  The site packs in some great and unique features that make it stand out above similar

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LRG + LAC = Library Works’ awesome new Career Center!

It's a great day to be a librarian!  Then again, isn't every day?  But days like today are special.  When library service providers come together and collaborate, it's almost like the planets themselves are aligning.  It usually means great things for librarians and info-pros everywhere.  Thanks to the good folks at Library Resources Group (LRG) and Library Associates Companies (LAC), today is one of those days!   It was announced today that LAC will be powering the new Career Center offered by LRG on its excellent Library Works site.  If you have not been to Library Works, it is actually a portal to some of LRG's most valued content.  This site provides searchable access to the full text of The Librarian's Yellow Pages and its well-loved directory of vendor profiles, demos, product information, and special offers.  It also provides access to LRG's monthly newsletter of library product news, best practices, and advice, INFOcus.   Library Works' new Career Center, powered by

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